Folk art is the expression of the creative sensibility from the working People. It is part of the human feeling and thinking. It is a collective and solidarity response to address their material and spiritual needs.

Folk art has many forms, but is always the result of creative inventiveness and different realities that make it necessary and valuable.

  • KupiHaute

    Kupí Haute

    His name means “Obsidian Butterfly”, in Wixárika and Mexika language Kupíhaute-Itzpapalotl

  • FelipeFabian_galeria_s

    Felipe Fabián

    Fabian Felipe Pedro (Oaxaca Mexico, 1961), comes from a family of artisans where he learned the  Black Pottery Art

  • MarianoyCilau_Galeria_s

    Mariano & Cilau Valadez

    Cilau Mariano Valadez Navarro use the cultural heritage from their ancestors to create Yarn Paintings

  • ArteWixarika_Galeria_s

    Arte Wixárika

    The art form from Huichol people reflects their religious sentiments embodied in their Wixárika Art

  • Mata Carrera SurYNor Art
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