Santos Hernandez

Sun & Snake

Wood tables decorated with yarn ('Nierika' in Huichol language). They are cosmological representations worked with admirable patience and almost divine perfection. Nierika means “where to watch”, a view into a secret world of the ancestors and at the same time, a mirror that allows us to see our true face. It is a door between worlds, they are the offerings and the sun. Such compositions exposed deep Wixarika mythological cosmological themes.

Each piece is unique and product of the artist inspiration at the time of creation.The final appearance and design pattern of each piece varies from the one in the pictures.


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Yarn Painting are the cultural heritach from Mariano y Cilau Valadez ancestors.

Exibition art



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Product Description

Yarn Paintings are images full of spiritual meaning based on ancient mythological traditions. The variety of images you see in the paintings are based on Huichol mythological aspects.

Additional Information

Artist (artista)

Santos Hernández

Size (Dimensiones)

50 cms. diameter (diámetro)


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