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SurYNor refers to Spanish words: South and North. They represent opposite and complementary ends of the world. SuryNor through cooperation looks forward to support traditional communities and culture conservation bridging South and North.

The logo was created in an attempt to represent the mission of the company through the Quetzal Bird.

The Quetzal is a strikingly colour bird. It is found from southern Mexico to western Panama. It is well known for its colourful plumage. Its iridescent green tail feathers, symbols for spring plant growth, were venerated by the ancient Aztecs and Maya, who viewed the quetzal as the “god of the air” and as a symbol of goodness and light.

SurYNor wants to be a message spread by the Quetzal bird and its air symbol; become the bridge to connect cultures. Birds fly from place to place and our Quetzal Bird wants to go everyplace in the world to let people know about the cultures it comes from.

The logo was designed by Marta Marszal (web), architect and designer with a strong interest in graphic communication of information. Marta study at ETH (Federal Polytechnic School) in Zurich, Switzerland, currently living in Turkey where he applies his experience during the past five years in the design industry..

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