SurYNor is social enterprise based in Switzerland. Through partnership with true traditional artisan communities we offer quality handmade products to our customers. By working directly with the community and selling mainly through Internet we reduce the number of intermediaries and maximize the benefit for the artists.


To promote true aborigine communities development by the commercialization of art in developed markets. To create awareness in responsible consuming and Fair Trade.


  • To support true aborigine communities in developing countries through economic independence and control over their environment and to challenge existing power structures that undermine their rights to a livelihood
  • To set a model to business and governments of sustainability trade based in people-center values and consuming ethics
  • To provide a framework to build bridges between cultures
  • To supply customers with good quality products and build awareness to empower consumers and producers to participate in Fair Trade


If you are interested to become part of the project and build a better world through fair trade, SurYNor suggest you some ways to contribute to the mission.


When buying handicrafts, not only acquire an art piece full of magic and mysticism, but also gives members of these communities in developing countries opportunities to live within its income and improved their life quality. Your support contributes to maintain long standing trading relationships that empower artisans, support growing businesses and strengthen communities.


Share your enthusiasm with family, friends and acquaintances sending them an email with our link or giving us a like on Facebook. Support our mission promoting our unique products and practice fair trade.


Ana Mata

Ana Gabriela Mata

Originally from the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, Ana studied International Commerce. As part of her social service at the end of her studies, Anna worked in a social program called VAT (Value Added Increase) developed by the Chamber of Commerce of Guanajuato, the purpose of this project was to help the artisans to improve and assess their job. In this period, Ana had the opportunity to meet artisans from around the state. The interaction with them awakened in her a passion to find and strengthen equality between people. Although not notice, the seeds of future social project would be planted at the time.

After graduation, Ana moved to Europe and began a career in the financial sector, studied a Masters in Business Administration, but always with the intention of using all that knowledge to give back to the place where he grew up and other developing countries. I felt that Europe had given great opportunities and wanted to use them to help people.

With the enthusiasm of Mauricio, SurYNor was founded in 2012, and together they began to meet artisans in developing countries, leading them to create fair trade company we see today.

Contact: ana@surynor.com

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Mauricio Campos

mauricio-campos“Be The Difference You Want To See In The World” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Inspired by this phrase and with the intention of helping others, Ana and I have launched SuryNor platform in 2012.

The general idea of the project is simply to help others through our experience and personal and professional situation.

Through my connection with Yoga practice I realized about the concept of Dharma or Purpose in life. This project intention is to contribute a tinny bit to create a more Fair world where doing business is synonymous with Ethical work, compassion and love for others.

Contact: mauricio@surynor.com

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